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Christophe Largilliere

Games Programmer - Unity 3D, C#, C++

Game Programmer
Unity Programmer
Mobile Game Programmer
Software Engineer
Christophe Largilliere
44 years old
Driving License
Austin United States (Texas)
Professional Status
About Me
Hi !

I'm a games programmer with more than 10 years of experience in the video game industry, using Unity, and Object-Oriented Programming in C++ and C#.

I've graduated in a MSC of Computer Science and Management, and have previously worked as Project Manager, Mathematics Teacher, Webmaster or Software Engineer.

I am located in Austin, TX and eligible to work in the US.
Unscripted sandbox MMO with real-time physics

  • UI/UX Programmer
  • Client/Server (Inventory, Craft)
  • Debug, optimization

Technical environment: Unity, C#, Scala
3 vs 3 arcade-multiplayer turf-war game

UI/UX Programmer

Technical environment: Unity, C#
Free-to-play puzzle/card game in the Ghostbusters universe, developed with Unity

Lead UI/2D Programmer
  • Scalable 2D framework, using the new Unity UI: pixel-perfect layout on all devices (one scene fits all)
  • Gameplay and Deck/Card management
  • Third-party library/plugins integration (In-app purchases, Analytics, Facebook...)
  • iOS native plugins
  • Debug, optimization

Technical environment: Unity, C#, C++, Objective-C
Free to play puzzle game under the Peanuts license, made with Unity, available on iOS and Android.<br><br>
I was responsible for:<br>
  • Map menu system<br>
  • Easy-to-use Sound manager<br>
  • Facebook features (Facebook connect with official Unity 3D plugin, requests, in-game mechanics, save/restore game)<br>
  • In App purchase<br>
  • Analytics (C++ plugin)<br>
  • Third party libraries (Fiksu, Chartboost)<br>
  • Versionning using SVN and not asset server (UVC plugin)<br>
  • Google Play setup and submission<br>
Creation date
01 May 2014
Snoopy's Candy Town is a freemium game where you manage a candy factory, making candies, delivering them and helping Charlie Brown in his campaign to the school election.
My responsibilities were:<br>
  • Easy-to-use Sound system<br>
  • Game tutorial<br>
  • Debug and optimization<br>
  • LUA scripting for UI<br>
Creation date
01 Dec 2013
Snoopy's Street Fair is a freemium village game where you set up a fair by placing manned and unmanned stalls in the Peanuts' town.
Creation date
01 Jan 2013
Tomobile is a cross-platform racing game, available on iOS, Android, and Web/Facebook, developed with Unity.<br>
I have programmed the menus (navigation, connection to data and multiplayer servers) and gameplay (race manager, bonuses, checkpoints).<br>
I also developed the Facebook connection for the 3 platforms.<br>
Multiplayer is managed by a SmartFox 2X server, and a custom extension that I have developed.
Creation date
01 Jan 2012
MedFire is a Serious Game about forrest fire sensibilisation, developped with Unity and C#.

I first had to develop a real-time realistic fire propagation algorithm.
Using scientific studies, I programmed this algorithm and the data structures used (ground cell adjacency graph, LOD quadtree).

This programmation included real time constraint, while being realistic, but also LOD for strategy and IA.

Once this propagation started, I programmed in parallel the artificial intelligence of NPC going with the player, based on the real strategies of firemen for fighting fires.
The AI includes firefighting strategy with corresponding state machines, and pathfinding.

At last, the game terrain is rebuild from IRL land, from pictures taken in helicopter, and from data given by a land segmentation tool which recognises vegetation types.
I developped a Unity Editor tool to rebuild the terrain from those datas, by defining heightmap but also ground textures and vegetation billboards.
Creation date
01 Jan 2011
Development of several server-side mini games in Node.js :
  • Roulette
  • Fortress
Creation date
01 Jul 2012
The application 'nuit des étoiles' (night of the stars) is a virtual private guided visit of the sky, that has been thought by an astronomist, specialist in sensibilisation for the public, downloaded over 200.000 times in the AppStore.<br>
The starry dome is fully recreated, and the celestal beings positions (sun, solar system planets, stars and constellations, Mesiser catalog objects) are calculated in real time.<br>
I have programmed the planetarium functionnality of the application, ie celestal beings positions computing.
Creation date
01 Jul 2011
Application Microsoft Surface, Touchscreen and webplayer presenting the operations of the Euroméditerranée program.

Connexion on a Typo3 website in order to fetch pictures/text contents via WWW and XML.
Application sur écran tactile développée sous Unity 3D, déclinaison du site web existant sur la campagne "ma ville accélère" de Marseille.

Contenu sous forme de caroussel, diaporama d'images et lecture de vidéos.
Serious Game de sensibilisation au tri selectif des déchets ménagers.